About Us


We are Ancient Homage Apparel, a high end nostalgic world heritage brand bearing God sent classics adored by fashion enthusiast. Founded on April 15th of 2015 in the city of Norfolk, VA. Our aspiration has always been to offer the culture an original high-quality classic brand for and from the culture. We are immensely entrenched in the mental state of society as a whole, and deeply believe that a mental migration back to the cradle of civilization through our collective ancient genetic memory banks is a key to restoring the collective consciousness of reality. We'll constantly perform this task by integrating such sacred energy into the world of fashion, tapping into the suppressed inner technologies gifted to us in our inception.

The concept of this brand was granted in a dream, as a mission from God to restore the nature of humanity. There is a social activist inside all of us, that genuinely wants the best for the human population as a whole. Through wearing Ancient Homage Apparel, our patrons are subject to some of the most intriguing intellectual conversations, due to the popular interest of our OG Hieroglyphs featured on our products. Since day 1, we have received countless testimonials of feedback along the lines of, “Everywhere I go people want to know what am I wearing and what does it mean”, referring to the hieroglyphs that translate the phonics of the word H O M A G E in English.

Since our inception we have experienced high demand. Our Online debut of the Ancient Homage Apparel web store opened on August 15th, 2019 on the birthday of Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom. This grand release was set to commemorate the late great Icon, as he played a vital role of inspiration in scaling our brand to new altitudes. We are a “Made In America Brand” who understands that the future of fashion has to cater to more than just the materialistic world, people are starting to crave clothing that feels good to the touch as well as their conscious.