Delta Variant Threatens New York Fashion Week

We're proud to announce that Ancient Homage Apparel will be feathered in New York's Fall Fashion Week once again. After last years appearance in the Small Boutique Fashion Week show, the brand has caught the eye of a number of indie fashion shows looking to book designer Andre' Russell Sr. to show case Ancient Homage's mysterious yet luxurious aesthetic. 

Last year NY's Fall Fashion Week took place during the lock down, which required out of state travelers to quarantine for a total of 14 days before participating in any public events. This stipulation deterred many Fashion Week enthusiast from making the trip to NY, due to the risk of being fined if caught out in public without  proper travelers manifestation in reference to proof of quarantine

With this mandate in place as well as plans to only stay for two days, Andre' took a bet on the potential exposure outweighing the risk of a newly formed mandate with no proven structure. There were a couple of close calls, as driving in New York traffic with out of state plates during the weekend of 9/11 with a heightened police presence can be pretty intense

NY Fashion Week 2020 was a major success, resulting in a phenomenal show featuring 5 looks worn by exceptional models including the designer. There were also a number of interviews that stemmed from the Small Boutique Fashion Week show.

Above is a clip from an interview with a NYC Fashion Blogger @mosi4roti on 

This year, Ancient Homage will be featured in the Fashion & Music Conference (FMC) show, which produces events annually in NY, LA, London, Las Vegas and Miami. As we near the show date of September 14th, the delta variant is fueling the signs of a prolonged pandemic. This year we're facing an enlistment of new mandates from the state of New York, such as vaccination requirements to enter certain venues like concert venues, bars, and restaurants. 

Lucky for patrons of the FMC show, due to production taking place in a Broadway TV production studio, vaccination proof will not be required. How we live and function as a society is at stake here and it's always great to have an option. As we continue to celebrate world wide traditions and customs, may we continue to be mindful of each others health and safety, taking the necessary preparations in order to enjoy ourselves in optimal health.

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